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Special offers

Special offers

Download the Viršu app and register.

  • Add your existing loyalty card to the mobile app and you will continue to receive the previous discounts;
  • Add a bank payment card or business customer fuel card (except Varpas, BP+Aral Routex cards) to the app and pay for the fuel at the pump;
  • Attach your Virši customer card to your bank card and you will also receive your Virši customer discounts when you pay for purchases with your bank card;
  • Keep track of the transaction history, you will be able to see all payments made for the purchase of fuel, windscreen washer fluid or Ad Blue on the app, under “Transaction history”.
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Download the Viršu app and register.

Cooling, sweet, fresh and delicious, yes, that's ice cream of Virši!
Hurry up, now for a special price, only 0.99 euros.

The great barbeque burger

Don't wait for the barbeque garden event, try it now. The great barbeque burger!

Barbeque hotdog

The great taste in every bite - have you imagined a Barbeque taste in a hotdog! Just try it!

-8 c/l fuel discount with mobile App

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays get -8 c/l fuel discount. The offer is valid with the customer's card or mobile app.

Vegan Avocado burger

Fresh news in the Virši Vegan menu – the excellent Avocado burger, which promises a symphony of taste in every bite.
Choose from wheat, rye bread or tortilla.

Donut with yuzu cream

A summery taste - red berries and vanilla creme bun. Enjoy with coffee.

Cheese Balls

Treat yourself to a taste sensation unlike any other - try soft cream cheese balls, 12 pcs., spicy Cheddar Cheese Balls, 8 pcs., Spicy Habanero Cheese Balls, 8 pcs. or sharp and spicy cheese balls MIX, 8 pcs.

Meatballs with cheese

An excellent combination - meatballs with cheese and fries! Hurry up to taste.



Citadele X card users not only receive a discount on re-fuelling, but can also exchange their earned X REWARDS points for a Virši gift card, which can be used to pay for fuel, products and services at all Virši fuel stations in Latvia.