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For the doers in sports as well as in cultural and educational activities.

We believe that those who do are successful, so we prefer long-term cooperation.

If you have a cooperation offer for us, send your offer to and we will contact you within four weeks.

Public emergency services during the COVID-19 outbreak

In support of Latvian medical and other public institution staff, during the Covid-19 outbreak

in 2020, Virši provided free hot drinks at every Virši station from April to May to staff of the State Emergency Medical Service of Latvia (NMPD), State Police, State Border Guard, State Fire and Rescue Service. In total, tens of thousands of hot drinks were provided to employees of public institutions.

The State Blood Donor Centre

The high spread of Covid-19 virus and the restrictions announced significantly reduced the activity of blood donors in Latvia, so in late 2020, Virši started long-term cooperation with the State Blood Donor Centre.

to raise public awareness about the need and possibilities of blood donation. By jointly developing an information campaign emphasising that one donor can help at least three people, Virši helped the Blood Donor Centre to reach and engage with the donor audience.

National public health initiatives

Since 2015, Virši has been a long-term supporter of the charity organization “Taureņa efekts”, which has been granted the status of a public benefit organization.

VIRŠI supports both informatively and practically the public health projects implemented by “Taureņa efekts” to address infertility problems in Latvian families and to promote health and sports activities among children and young people in Latvian orphanages. Charity donation boxes are placed at all Virši stations, thus increasing the awareness of the organisation’s projects and public participation.

Ministry of Defence of Latvia initiative

Virši, supporting the Ministry of Defence of Latvia, became the ambassador of the Ministry’s awareness campaign in 2020.

The aim of the campaign was to inform the public about the availability of the booklet “What to do in the case of a crisis” developed by the Ministry and to promote the practical knowledge of every Latvian citizen on how to act and prepare for any crisis situation. As part of the campaign, Virši helped to raise public awareness by placing information on all its information channels and in fuel stations.

Owners of a “Latvian Honorary Family Certificate” and “3+ Family Card”

For holders of the “Latvian Honorary Family Certificate” and “3+ Family Card”, Virši offers special benefits and offers for the purchase of products and services at all Virši stations in Latvia.

Since 2017, Virši has been a supporter of the Latvian state support programme for families with three or more children, as well as adults under the age of 24 and families caring for a child with a disability or an adult with a Group I or II disability.

For local companies

Virši, as a 100% Latvian capital group, supports local producers by giving preference to products of local producers in its fuel station retail stores, thus ensuring maximally fresh and locally produced products for customers, reducing the environmental impact of supply chains and contributing to the growth of local companies and the Latvian economy.

The assortment of each product group includes products made in Latvia, and the monthly and annual sales give preference to products from local producers. Local vegetables are purchased seasonally for the food prepared on site, and most of the ingredients for meat, vegetarian and vegan products are purchased from Latvian producers.

Latvian Musicians’ Community

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the imposition of a state of emergency in the country and government restrictions on gatherings and cultural life also affected the ability of Latvian musicians to reach their audiences and prevented Latvian citizens from enjoying live concerts and performances.

In solidarity with the Latvian Musicians’ community, Virši decided to join the call of the Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association (LaIPA) to only play music by Latvian artists on all its stations.