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Electricity offer

Electricity offer

Choose the product that fits you best

Fixed electricity

Savings per year*

80 €

  • Fixed-price 24 month

    0,14619 €/kWh

  • Monthly fee

    1,98 €/month

  • Fuel discount

    3 c/l

  • Discount on purchases up to

    10 %

Great package with fixed electricity

Savings per year*

100 €

  • Fixed-price 24 month

    0,14619 €/kWh

  • Monthly fee

    2,98 €/month

  • Fuel discount

    5 c/l

  • Discount on purchases up to

    15 %

Mighty package with fixed electricity

Savings per year*

130 €

  • Fixed-price 24 month

    0,14619 €/kWh

  • Monthly fee

    3,98 €/month

  • Fuel discount

    7 c/l

  • Discount on purchases up to

    20 %

All the prices include 21% VAT and the current tariffs of AS "Sadales tīkls" are additionally applied.

Discount for the monthly fee -50% is applied for every next connection address. 

Contract early termination fee:
Fixed — EUR 96.00 (decreases by EUR 12 every three (3) months). Dynamic — EUR 0.00.

* The annual savings are calculated based on the average annual mileage provided in the CSDD Latvian consumer statistics and the average consumption by Virši customer card holders in its convenience shops.

The general terms and conditions of the contract took effect on 1 September 2023.

More about fuel discount

The fuel discount is available every day during the term of the contract. If a greater discount is offered during promotional periods, the customer receives the greater discount.

More about discounts on purchases

Fixed and Dynamic electricity - 10% discount on all coffee drinks and tea, prepackaged Virši coffee 1 kg, dischargeable windshield fluid and car wash. All discounts with a customer card are available as well;


Great package - 15% discount on all coffee drinks and tea, 10% discount on prepackaged Virši coffee 1 kg, dischargeable windshield fluid and car wash. All discounts with a customer card are available as well;


Mighty package - 20% discount on all coffee drinks and tea, 10% discount on prepackaged Virši coffee 1 kg, dischargeable windshield fluid and car wash. All discounts with a customer card are available as well. 

How can I become a Virši electricity client?

Frequently asked questions

Which electricity product should you choose?

Each product has its advantages:

  • The Fixed product is good for those who seek stability, predictability, and the ability to plan how much they spend on electricity. With the Fixed electricity product, you will have a fixed electricity price for 24 months.
  • The Dynamic product is good for everyone. But for those who are prepared to adjust their electricity consumption – using more during hours when electricity prices are particularly low and using less during hours when electricity prices are high – it also gives you the opportunity to manage your overall costs over the long term. In the Dynamic product, the price of electricity is variable and changes every hour according to changes on the Nord Pool electricity exchange. The electricity exchange prices are influenced by the level of production and consumption (supply and demand) every hour.


  • Great Package or Mighty Package. You can choose the electricity product that suits you best – Fixed or Dynamic – and get a discount on Virši fuel and purchases at Virši power stations. All from the same trader! If you are interested in increased fuel discounts every day, but your daily mileage is low, the Starter Package will be most beneficial, but if you drive every day and also regularly visit the service station store – we recommend you choose the Mighty Package.

How have the tariffs for transmission and distribution services of AS Sadales tīkls changed since 01.07.2023?

From 01.07.2023 new tariffs for electricity distribution system services of AS Sadales tīkls are in effect. As before, the fee for distribution and transmission services will consist of two parts:

  • fixed part, which depends on the type of connection – single or three-phase – and the amperage of the connection provided at the site;
  • variable part, which is charged per consumed kilowatt-hour (kWh).


From 01.07.2023, two types of tariffs will apply – Basic and Special:

  • Basic tariff applies to regular daily consumption;
  • Special tariff applies to very small, occasional or seasonal consumption.


To calculate which tariff is right for you, please use the AS Sadales tīkls tariff calculator. Changes to the distribution system tariff can be made by logging in to The system operator makes tariff plan changes free of charge.


More information about the AS Sadales tīkls tariffs can be found here

How can I become a Virši electricity customer?

Becoming a Virši electricity customer is easy.

  • Choose one of the electricity products from Virši;
  • Sign the contract by the 15th date of the month on the website or call Virši customer service on 80 700 070.

We will handle the rest of the things that need to be done when changing trader.
To get a discount on fuel and purchases in Virši stores, download the Virši mobile app.

Will the bill include support discount for protected users?

When applying for the electricity product, the discount for electricity provided by the state will not be applied.
We are currently working to ensure discounts for protected users as soon as possible.

Other Questions

You may not have found the answers to your questions before, so look for them in the Frequently Asked Questions section here.

Virši mobile app

Virši mobile app

To receive special offers at Virši power stations:


  • Download Virši mobile app on Google Play or App Store;
  • Register by entering all the required details and add the number of the loyalty card that you received in the e-mail after signing the contract;
  • Add your bank card as a payment card, and then use the app to make easy payments for fuel.

To receive discounts, scan the QR code at the checkout through the mobile app.

Download the app before 31.01.2024 and get one free L-sized coffee.

Why choose Virši?

  • Professionalism
    28 years of industry experience
  • Convenience
    Fuel and electricity from one supplier
  • Local company
    75 Virši locations and more than 760 employees
  • Company listed on the stock exchange
    In 2021, the company’s shares were listed on Nasdaq Riga stock exchange

Need our help?

Leave your contact details and we will get back to you with more details about Virši’s electricity deal!
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Contact us to find out how big a fuel discount you can get if you join those who do the daily work with Virši.


Find out more about Virši’s products and services


Customer service: +371 80 700 070 (working hours 8:00-17:00)

AS ‘Sadales tīkls’ 24-hour emergency reporting line: 8404