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What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website to identify the user and make the use of the website easier.

Cookies have various expiration dates. Some of these cookies are called “session cookies” and expire as soon as the user closes his web browser. Other cookies serve a technical purpose and are retained for a set period of time. Such cookies are called "persistent cookies". Upon visiting a website repeatedly, the user’s web browser reads the retained persistent cookies and supplies the information back to the website or the element that originally installed the cookie.

The cookies that we use may be categorized into several categories.

  • Essential cookies” enable important features, such as accessibility of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot function properly. Since essential cookies are necessary to deliver our services safely, you cannot refuse them. If, regardless of security concerns, you decide you do not wish to receive essential cookies from us, you may block or delete them by changing your web browser settings.

  • Analytical”, or “statistical”, cookies collect the information that we use in aggregate form to help us understand how visitors navigate and use our website, and help us evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. These cookies help us to improve our website in order to enhance your browsing experience. Statistical cookies are not related to the personalised marketing offers.

Detailed list of cookies we use:

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How to delete cookies?

If you want to limit or forbid the acceptance and storage of cookies on your devices or to delete the already saved cookies, such actions can be performed by adjusting the web browser’s settings.

The latest versions of all popular browsers allow you to control cookies by changing the browser settings of your device. Users can set the browser settings of their device, allowing them to accept or reject all or certain cookies and/or be notified when a cookie is downloaded. More information on how to control cookies according to your device’s browser can be found at:

These provisions may be changed without notice, as we comply with the laws governing the use of cookies and take into account the generally accepted practices related to the use of cookies.

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