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Within a year, Virši has become an energy trader that actively uses local green energy resources

Virši, a local trader of fuel and alternative energy sources, consumes and sells electricity produced in Latvia and only from renewable energy sources. In addition, as part of the ongoing development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, Virši has already started generating electricity for self-consumption using the solar panels installed at the stations.

Virši uses 4 different renewable energy sources


The events of the last few months in both the energy market and geopolitics have forced any organisation to re-evaluate its energy sourcing strategy and Virši is proud to have sourced all the electricity sold to its customers from local power producers. The diversification of the sources of electricity is also worth mentioning, meaning that the Virši portfolio is supplied by electricity producers using 4 different renewable energy resources: sun, biomass, biogas and water.

"In 2011, we established a biogas plant in the Dobele district and we are proud that now, more than 10 years after the plant's launch, we can successfully compete in the open electricity market and ensure the country's energy independence using only local resources. Of course, it is also important to develop new renewable capacities to strengthen our independence from energy imports and price fluctuations, including the inevitable gradual conversion of biogas plants to biomethane. The use of biomethane is the greenest solution in the transport sector, so it is a particular pleasure to cooperate with Virši both as an electricity trader and as a prospective partner for green transport solutions," explains Juris Pilveris, owner of the biogas plant AS "Ziedi JP".

Solar energy for Virši network self-consumption 


Solar energy is the most common form of renewable energy and promoting its use is a step closer to achieving the European Union’s climate neutrality goals. In support of sustainable business, Virši plans to generate more and more of its own electricity, increasing its energy independence by installing solar panels in its fuel station network. The company's short-term goal is to have more than 20% of the network's filling stations generate electricity locally. 


According to calculations, the installation of solar power plants in at least half of Virši stations will provide around 0.5 MW of power, which would currently place the company among the largest Latvian solar energy producers. The first Virši solar power plant has a capacity of around 50 kW, so when the solar panels reach their maximum capacity in the middle of the day, the entire power consumption of the station will be covered.
Using solar energy at service stations is a modern solution that is not only environmentally friendly, but also economically viable. In the future, filling stations will be a rather complex and interesting example of a micro-grid – the grid connection will include several large and variable electricity consumers – electric charging, CNG or compressed natural gas compressors, as well as stable shop consumption and additional solar panel systems. 


In the future, it is planned to increase the capacity of the solar panel system and install electricity storage batteries, so that the electricity generated can be stored efficiently and used when it is needed, for example, to charge several electric cars at the same time. This will not only help the company to ensure a greener environment and a more prudent use of resources, but will also give it a degree of independence from fluctuating electricity prices and allow it to optimise its connection capacity to the electricity grid. 


Virši already has more than 300 connection points throughout Latvia


For a year now, Virši has been pursuing a clear long-term strategy – to become an energy company. This means that in addition to standard and alternative fuels, as well as the sale of goods, Virši already provides electricity trading services. 


"We are a new player in the electricity market, we entered a new market but with a strong brand and an experienced team in the energy sector, so we can provide flexible cooperation conditions for both electricity consumers and producers," emphasises Jānis Bethers, Head of Business Development at Virši.


Since April 2021, Virši has been offering electricity trading services to the business segment, thus becoming one of the few market players to successfully combine the opportunities to purchase several energy resources. Gradually strengthening its position in the electricity market, Virši currently supplies electricity to more than 300 connection points throughout Latvia. 


About Virši:
AS Virši-A is the largest and fastest growing local fuel trader and alternative energy trader with 27 years of experience in the Latvian fuel trade industry. Currently, the Virši-A network has 66 power stations, 65 of which provide full-service, and more than 640 employees across all the regions of Latvia.

More information:
Undīne Priekule
Virši communication specialist
Phone: 26 141 219