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ASPEN alkylate fuel

ASPEN alkylate fuel

ASPEN fuel is virtually free of harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons or olefins that can cause health problems. ASPEN fuel doesn’t deteriorate during long periods of storage, meaning that engines can be easily started even after a long period of inactivity. Moreover, ASPEN fuel creates less contamination in spark plugs and combustion chambers, and reduces smog formation by about 40%.


ASPEN 2 is alkylate petrol that is pre-blended with 2% biodegradable oil suitable for 2-stroke engines. It is suitable for chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, mopeds, lawn mowers, circular saws and other land-based, 2-stroke powered machines.


ASPEN 4 is alkylate petrol without any added oil. It is suitable for lawnmowers, rotary cultivators, snow blowers, motorboats and other 4-stroke powered machines. Conventional petrol contains ethanol, which absorbs moisture and can cause engine failure, while ASPEN alkylate petrol does not contain ethanol, making it ideal for use in wet environments like the marine environment.

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